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Organic Blue Magic Tea 4 oz

Organic Magic Tea is a beautiful sight to behold.  Before you even experience the boosted mental clarity, mood, energy, antioxidant or analgesic properties of this tea you will whisked away into a land of fantasy as you witness the wonderful display of color changes in this cup. This tea in all it's splendor also helps support ocular health.  Organic Blue Magic tea starts out as a mellow gray color and as it steeps swirls into a rich royal blue.  This tea has been used since ancient times as a natural blue food coloring.  Add a bit of lemon juice and the color will magically change to a violet or deep magenta hue depending on how much lemon juice add.  The flavor of this tea is will take you to a guide you to a lovely state of focus.  The color will remind us just how mystical nature can be.  

This tea is caffeine free. 

This tea contains: organic clitoria ternatea flowers, organic lemongrass, and organic peppermint.

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